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No Doctor Visit Required, Test Anywhere, Anytime!
Measuring your Omega-3 levels is:

  • Hassle-free and virtually painless
  • Only 1 blood drop is needed, no more
  • Safe, simple, affordable, and proven
  • It takes as little as 8 weeks to build up your Omega-3 levels to optimal range

Whatever you do,
DON'T ASSUME you know!

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Omega-3s are essential fatty acids. Our bodies can't make them, yet we desperately need them
and have to obtain them from food.

Are You Getting Enough Omega-3s?
Get A Peace of Mind, Know With Confidence...

Say "NO" to the chronic inflammation epidemic!

Heart disease, blood pressure & cholesterol issues
Arthritis, joint & muscle pain
Depression, ADHD, Alzheimer's, dry eye
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No doctor visit required, test anywhere, anytime

Hassle-free and virtually painless!
Only 1 blood drop needed, no more!
Safe, simple, affordable, proven, test at home
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Take charge of your health with these telling measures

Omega-3 Index
(heart & overall health)
Omega 6/3 Ratio
(fix dietary imbalance)
Your AA/EPA Ratio
(hidden cellular inflammation)
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Use the test employed by a Nobel prize winner

Over 1,000,000 people have tested
Used by prestigious research universities worldwide
Utilizes dry spot technology
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This Omega-3 Test or Dr. Harris Was Featured On

Finally A Simple Blood Test
To Measure Your Omega-3 Levels
And Your Omega 6/3 Ratio In The Comfort Of Home!

So you are taking fish oil! And understanding the importance of Omega-3s, has it ever bothered you that you don't know whether you're taking enough, too much, or worse, too little? Well, put your anxiety to rest, and know exactly where you stand! The “Advantage 8: Your Omega-3 Levels Sufficiency Test” is easy, painless, and you test in the comfort of your home!

How Do You Know You Are Taking Enough Omega-3s?
Listen to Dr. Harris, The Inventor of This Test.

Just For Once, Don’t Assume You Know…

This test has been around since 2009, but it became available on Amazon only recently. The test is really very simple, and you will be thrilled to learn that your personalized report reveals not only your current Omega-3 Index (the overall measure of your health), but also your Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio, as well as the AA/EPA ratio championed by Dr. Barry Sears and his Zone Diet.
Some time ago you might have seen The Dr. Oz Show where he talked about high Omega 6/3 ratios being associated with many nasty diseases that can be actually prevented by having the right levels of the right omega fatty acids. Knowing your Omega 6/3 ratio and your Omega-3 index will help you take simple, resolute steps so you can get out of the golden cage and enjoy living in full health and vigor.
The test is easy, it takes only 1 drop of blood, and can be done painlessly (not to mention inexpensively) at home. You just gently poke your finger with the provided sterile lancet wherever and whenever you see fit, transfer the precious substance from your finger to the collection card, drop everything in the mail (postage is paid), and violà! In about a week you will receive an email with your personalized report, spelling out your very own Omega-3 numbers, and how to use them to improve your odds in life.
Because of metabolism, genetics and absorption, there is no guarantee your Omega-3 levels are high enough even if you're taking Omega-3 supplements. But with this test, there is no more guessing, and no more wasted money on consuming more fish oil than you may need!
The test was developed by a US research scientist, Dr. William Harris, who has been studying Omega-3s for over 30 years, and who is known all over the world for his fatty acid expertise. So if you want to know your Omega-3 situation, take advantage of this week's special, get this test kit, and try it for yourself. If you are like most people, your test might show Omega-3 levels of 3.9%. It takes as little as 8 weeks of regular Omega-3 intake to raise your levels to the desirable 8%+. That's not too daunting, is it?

The following information has been posted on National Library of Medicine site:

"Several sources of information suggest that humans evolved on a diet with a ratio of Omega 6/3 essential fatty acids (EFA) of approximately 1/1, whereas in today’s Western diets the ratio is 15/1 to 16.7/1 (some sources even cite 25/1). Western diets are deficient in Omega-3s, and have excessive amounts of Omega-6s compared with the diet on which human beings evolved and their genetic patterns were established. Excessive amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids and a very high Omega 6/3 ratio promote the pathogenesis of many diseases."

How To Best Achieve the Proper
Omega 6/3 Ratio?

Either by reducing your Omega-6 intake, increasing Omega-3 intake, or preferably both (making no changes to your Omega-6 intake and increasing consumption of Omega-3s is not very wise).

What dose of Omega-3s do you need to take?
Get your Omega-3 levels tested, and your personal report will tell you how much Omega-3s you need to take to optimize your well-being.


-- Anna

"I read about the Omega-3 blood test in Dr. Sears' Omega-3 Effect, and also in Dr. Maroon's Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory. Being pregnant and nursing, I naturally wanted the best for both me and my kids. I'm so happy I took the test, one less thing to worry about!"

-- Tom

"In my golden years, knowing the best preventive practices is a must. The Purest Day Advantage 8: Your Omega-3 Levels Sufficientcy Test showed me I needed to be more attentive about my Omega-3 and Omega-6 consumption."

-- Adrien

"In the comfort of my home, I recently took the Purest Day Advantage 8: Your Omega-3 Levels Sufficientcy Test. Simple. Quick. Affordable. And now I don't need to presume any longer."

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